If needed, we are all soldiers   
I’m a Communist and that’s all I’ll ever tell you   
Unknown Partisan Woman   
The 5 year plan –  better future for our peoples   
Heroism of labor   
She went to war   
In the solitary   
Skirt: red  Skirt: white   

Collages and book interventions   
The Siege   
The Will to Power   
Rabid dogs’ gaze   
Nostos Algos / Return Suffering   

Children of the non(revolution)   
Reading: Liberation   
Silk lavender shirt   
We long for work and toil   
Here come the Women   
The body biography   
Conte-nos algo sobre a sua nova vida   
Labour of Love   
Grüße aus Baden-Baden   

Tell us something about your new life   
Dignity Defiance Fear Desperation   
I think, Comrades…   

Ride the Recoil   
She went to war   
Cut here   
What has our struggle give us?   
Unknown heroines   
When I die, you can do what you want   
Memory Lane   
Bedtime stories   
I will never talk about the war again   
Artist’s statement   
A dinner for three   
The Sniper   
Who needs DRNČ?   
Bujrum, help yourselves   
Temporary here   
On Wednesdays I can be an artist