Original title: Nepoznate heroine
Text and photograph interventions created for  Vacarme magazine, issue number 59, Paris

During the World Wars I and II, women were in, until then the largest numbers, mobilized as soldiers and workers. The paradox is in the fact that wars as male sport, in this sense helped women in emancipation.

Still, when the wars are over, strong patriarchal tendencies reveal themselves again, tendencies to bring back women into previously imposed social positions, back to the „natural“ roles of mother, cook, childcare, in the sphere of domestic and out of sphere of political and economical power.

In Second World War in Yugoslavia 100 000 women joined army motivated not only by patriotism, but also by wish for emancipation.  After the war it is thought by the political top that “Women issue” is solved in Yugoslavia.

However, the promises of political top given to women at the time of mobilising for war were never made true. Equality was never achieved and process of women’s emancipation suddenly became a threat to never changing patriarchal attitudes in the society. 

“What is usually left to posterity are not women who had a role in history, but idealized and allegorical female figures that Lydia Sklevicky has named – unknown heroines.”

Nepoznata partizanka

 Vacarme 59 French
 Vacarme 59 Bosnian-Herzegovinian
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