The Will to Power

Volja za moć
Black and white prints big format (edition 5+1AP) and mixed media small format original
Original work is part of private collection

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The first photo shows the meeting of Antifascist Front of Women in the burned village Hrastovac, Banija, while  the second one shows the first  government of the  Democratic Federal Yugoslavia. More details about the subject of AFW and history of women in Yugoslavia can be found in statements of many of my works and also at Bibliography page. Both photographs are found during the research and collection of materials for the project of Onine Archive of Antifascist struggle of women of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Yugoslavia (, the project I co manage since several years.

Prva fotografija prikazuje sastanak AFZ u selu Hrastovac, Banija, a na drugoj je prva vlada Demokratske Federativne Jugoslavije.