Children of the non(revolution)


Photographs of unprivileged children with different ethnic backgrounds (Syrians, Kurdish, Turkish) are taken in Izmir during an art based research conducted for international project transmaking (cooperation with Izmir University of Economics) in May and June 2017. Some pictures were taken at Women’s Space, a feminist grassroots organization which works with Syrian women refugees, some are made at the space of Kapilar, a NGO also working with Syrian refugees, while others were taken in the poorest areas of the city,  coming down from the fortress Kadifekale, on Sunday market where the examples of child labor are very common, or just on the streets of  Kemeralti neighborhood I used to live in.


Photographs are presented for the first time in a solo project at ERSTE Foundation in the new ERSTE Bank campus in Vienna, on the place where Sudbanhof used to be.

These remind us of the countries made more easily accessible during the 19th century via the Southern and Eastern Railways for which the Südbahnhof was constructed, countries that are now of renewed great significance to Erste Group. They also remind us of the individuals fleeing political persecution who arrived at the Südbahnhof during the Cold War, as did guest workers who came from points south and ended up making a significant contribution to Austria’s mid-century economic upswing. And finally, they remind us of the refugees from today’s war zones and crisis regions who stayed in temporary housing on the Campus during the past years.
The Canaletto View, art in architecture project initiated and realized by Erste Group Bank AG.

Jusic 3

Adela Jusic 3 copy
Solo exhibition view, ERSTE Foundation, Vienna, 2017

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