Mixed media
2019 – work in progress

Enver Hoxha was the head of state of Albania from 1944 until his death in 1985 in when he was buried next to the Mother Albania statue in the Martyrs Cemetery overlooking Tirana. In April 1992 he was disinterred and reburied in Tirana’s municipal cemetery at Kombinat. The Pyramid of Tirana was built in 1988 and functioned as a museum about the legacy of Enver Hoxha. It is sometimes sardonically referred to as the Enver Hoxha’s Mausoleum. 

In 1991 the crowd of people in Tirana put down the 7 meters high bronze statue of Communist Albania’s founder – Enver Hoxha. That day the government resigned. First Albanian multi-party elections were held in March 1991. Part of the giant Hoxha statues’ bronze was later used for the creation of 150 cm high statue of the German physician Georg Christoph Lichtenberg. This statue is placed in Gottingen, Germany. Artist could not trace the data about the rest of the statues’ bronze.


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