Black Hole of Ours

In collaboration with Smilja Janković
Medium: Public art action, photo and video documentation
Camera: Igor Šakić
Photography: Igor Šakić and Smilja Janković
Video editing: Adela Jušić and Smilja Janković
Special thanks to Thomas Crauk and Oliver Dujmović
Action supported by Center for Artistic Activism and Open Society Foundation

Photo by Igor Šakić

Closer to the black hole, spacetime starts to deform. There are more paths going towards the black hole than paths moving away. Inside of the event horizon, all paths bring the particle closer to the center of the black hole. It is no longer possible for the particle to escape.  

Work is initiated by the sudden appearance of a hole in the ground of the central Sarajevo park and media representation of it. An outrageous amount of  35 000 Euros was spent to close this black hole, an example of a corrupted state system of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where most people are living on the edge of poverty, but also of global corruption. The art action used granted money to pay black market workers who got into even worse economic situations, because of Covid pandemic.

Action was done the last day before the police curfew was legally imposed in Bosnia and Herzegovina and continues through pandemic period in creating the narrative for video through research, gathering information and interviews, talks with black market workers,  other precarious workers and those who lost their jobs due to Pandemic and states general ignorance, corruption and exploitative economic system.

Photo and header image by Igor Šakić

Exhibition set up The Smile of The Sphinx, Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo, March 2021, photos by Jeanne Frank

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