4 black and white photographs and handwriting
Unknown authors from family photo archive
Dimensions: variable
Edition 5+1 (AP)

Grandmother and grandfather, 1950s, is part of Duplex Gallery Collection (Pierre Courtin Collection)
Father, 1992. is part of private collection

adela jusic Memory LaneExhibition set up, Decoding, National Museum of Monte Negro, 2014

Memory Lane

Adela-Jusic-2Exhibition set up, Memory Lane, Galerie du Jour Agnes B, Paris, 2014

The title for the group exhibition “Memory Lane”, in Galerie du Jour was borrowed from this work.

“Today, for the final article before the opening, I decided to concentrate on what we might call the “title track” of the whole exhibition; Adela Jušić’s photographic installation Memory Lane. Longstanding observers of Adela’s work will recognize the biographical theme as one of her signatures, but these four photographic prints, together with a rather moving text written by her sister, responding to the images, marks a new departure. (…) Memory Lane holds together, in confessional tension, the main animating forces in Adela’s work from the last three or four years. The impact of the war on her childhood and development; the role and contribution of women in the history of war in the former Yugoslavia, and contemporary Bosnia-Herzegovina; an evolving personal evaluation of gender and the role of women in contemporary society; an engagement with family and family narratives, as validating of personal experience and development; and, a desire to work in series, to expand and develop this material in new formats and new presentations. All of these factors come together in an intimate revelation of the roots of the artist’s personality and set of interests, in a frank self-revelation which avoids much of the narcissism and trivia of contemporary artistic “biographical” and “confessional” strategies.

Title Track “Memory Lane” by Adela Jušić, text by Jonathan Blackwood Read full text HERE.

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