Original title: Kome treba DRNČ?
DRNČ /drnch/ (Bosnian) noun from abbr. “Deterdžentni rastvarač naslaga čađi” – Detergent solvent of soot layers, a type of weapon cleaner
Video performance

Single channel video/sound NTSC DV
Year of production: 2008
Duration: 00:05:40

When I was 10, my father thought me how to clean his weapon. This was our little ritual after he comes from a front line. Than he would leave for a battle again… Once he even took me to the front line with him to see my uncle. A lot of children of my generation cleaned their parents’ weapons, uniforms, boots after they come home from the front line.
In this video performance I am using the same very old sniper riffle that was used in 1992 war in Bosnia and was in the possession of my family.

Photo by Semra Kikić and exhibition view photo by Pierre Courtin, Duplex gallery, Sarajevo


Photos of object used in video performance
Inkjet print on photo paper, mounted on Dibond

2 Replies to “WHO NEEDS DRNČ?”

  1. Drnc pozna apsolutno bas svako tko je iz nasih krajeva, ali bas nikad nitko nije cuo,od cega je to napravljeno kakve su to tocno substance itd..
    Sjecam se samo da je to pomalo mirisalo na petroleum ….i tako nesto ..

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