Grüße aus Baden-Baden

adela jusic greetings from
Greetings from Baden-Baden
Medium: Site specific public space installation and street action
Realized in Baden-Baden as part of the exhibition Balcony to the Balkans, September 19th, 2014.
Curator: Ksenija Čočkova
Production: Kunsthalle Baden-Baden

Postcard and transparent  created for street action:
Irgendeine ganz lächerliche Angelegenheit auf dem Balkan wird den nächsten Krieg auslösen.
Some very ridiculous event in the Balkans will cause the next war.
Bismarck, 1888

The work critically reflects stereotypes of Balkan. Commemoration of 1st World War is this year organized in Sarajevo, where the assassination of Franz Ferdinand happened. This act is considered to be the reason for the start of the war. The Commemoration cost enormous amount of money. In the meantime, the flooded areas of Bosnia, and neighboring countries cry for financial aid, as well as many people living in poverty.

Why do we commemorate beginning of war, and not the end of it? Why do we commemorate it in Sarajevo, instead maybe somewhere in Austria, Germany or in some countries that had the actual responsibility for the start of it?



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