In collaboration with Andreja Dugandžić

Embroidery, 2015

Text on embroidery in Bosnian language
Special thanks to: Sadžida Jušić, Azra Bašović, Fata Osmanović, Vanesa Vasić-Janeković and Lala Raščić

The Illegal depicts women in resistance and underground movements, whose activities are quintessential in all political struggles. Throughout the history, the private sphere, a “woman’s place” is a place of subversive power – place where important political messages are being created, told, memorized, written, coded, hidden, then transmitted in bread, hay, hair, clothes, embroidery, from one place to another, from one mouth to another. Women use all available strategies to keep, watch, to warn, to camouflage, protect the pivotal information, to help fellow dissidents. While performing such life threatening tasks, they oppose patriarchal customs and traditions, and challenge gender roles. Illegal re-imagines and recreates histories of women’s resistance.

The work was nominated for the White Aphroid award, 2016, category artistic achievement, exhibition Mig 21, Kibla, Maribor, Slovenia
More about the award here


Razvijajmo informacije u strogoj tajnosti
Develop information in strictest confidence
Osnovni oblik prenošenja podataka je govor
Speech is the basic form of data transmission
Sve što je važno dobro smo sakrile
We hid well everything that matters
Slobodno kretanje, slobodan um
Free movement free mind
Prisustvo vode u spremniku za benzin smanjuje snagu motora i uzrokuje njegov kvar
The presence of water in the gas tank reduces engine power and causes  damage
Sredstvima za maskiranje zovu se materijali ili materijalne formacije koje se mogu upotrijebiti pri skrivanju pojedinaca
Means for masking refer to materials or material formations that can be used for hiding individuals
Usmjeriti diverziju na objekat od vitalnog značaja za neprijatelja
Directing the act of sabotage at the facility vital to the enemy
U slučaju neprijateljskog upada domaćica se pravi smrtno bolesna, a ostale se pretvaraju da su došle da je obiđu
In the event of an enemy raid, the landlady pretends to be terminally ill and others pretend to have come to visit her
Onemogućimo kretanje neprijatelja
Disrupt enemy’s movement
Naše ideje su u svačijim glavama
Our ideas are in everyone’s heads
Za signalizaciju opasnosti koristi se zviždukom, plačem, pjesmom
To signal danger you can whistle, cry, sing
Baza služi za skrivanje i obuku diverzanata
The base serves for training and hiding saboteurs
Baza je oslonac za preduzimanje akcija
The base supports taking action
Zoon politikon
Čuješ li?  Pamtiš li?
Are you hearing? Are you memorizing?

Text on the embroidery is based on research findings in texts and documents of Online archive of Antifascist struggle of women of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Yugoslavia (  The Archive is project Andreja Dugandžić and Adela Jušić started in 2014 and is ongoing.

Link to Google + photos of set up and opening, Unerasable, DokuFest, Prizren, Kosovo, 2015
Link to video reportage about exhibition Unerasable in Albanian language, 2015


Mig 21, catalog pages, Kibla portal, Maribor Slovenia, 2016.
Link to online catalog

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