small print
Black and white photograph
Special thanks to Mladen Bundalo
Created at the Kulturkontakt residency, Vienna
Dimensions variable
Edition: 4+1 (AP)

The work is part of the Collection of Foundation for Visual Arts, Theater and Music, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and part of one private collection.

Man on the photo is someone I accidentally met in the bar in Vienna. He said he was in Yugoslavia at the time of wars in the 90s and that he was a member of the French Foreign Legion. The Foreign Legion was in recent decades deployed in Cambodia, Somalia, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (in Sarajevo). In the mid- to late-1990s, the Foreign Legion was deployed in the Central African Republic, Congo-Brazzaville and in Kosovo. In the 2000s, the Foreign Legion was deployed in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, Operation Licorne in Ivory Coast, the EUFOR Tchad/RCA in Chad, and Operation Serval in the Northern Mali conflict.

Before going to Afghanistan, this man tattooed “CUT HERE” on his neck, as well as the number he had in as a member of Legion. He said to me that he wanted the enemies to know where to cut, to know he is ready for slaughter, and that his body if it becomes headless, still has a number on, so that it can be found, recognized and buried by his family.

He wanted to stay anonymous, so he asked me not to photograph his face. 

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