Ride the Recoil, Triple Canopy, online journal

Triple Canopy is a magazine based in New York. Since 2007, Triple Canopy has advanced a model for publication that encompasses digital works of art and literature, public conversations, exhibitions, and books. This model hinges on the development of publishing systems that incorporate networked forms of production and circulation. Working closely with artists, writers, technologists, and designers, Triple Canopy produces projects that demand considered reading and viewing. Triple Canopy resists the atomization of culture and, through sustained inquiry and creative research, strives to enrich the public sphere.


Published from April 18, 2013 to July 17, 2013.
Editor: Alexandar Provan

The gradual loss of integrity plays out in various aesthetic milieus: A TV pilot corrupts true art, an authorless novel seeks to enter the marketplace, the degradation of the environment is countered by a scheme for a land-art-inspired green economy, Charlie Sheen’s salacity is looped. This issue recognizes the continuous phenomenal change that thwarts our best-laid plans and programs, but admits that total overhaul is rarely feasible. Instead, it focuses on evolutionary processes and the joys of departure from any original design, the likelihood that each thing is the same thing in a deceptive form, scenes from the decline of commercial viability, the work of waiting.

ride the recoil by Adela Jušić
Scenes from the siege of virtual Sarajevo, a “new target-rich environment.”



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