Performative Gestures Political Moves – Katja Kobolt and Lana Zdravković (Ed.)

Publisher: Red Athena University Press


Chapter Using myself to show what matters most for everyone – Dunja Kukovec
Interview with video performance artist Adela Jušić, winter 2013/2014

Did you ever think of video performance as a medium in the socio- economic context? Would you choose some other medium or other way of expressing under different conditions? Do you think that socio-economic situations in some ways conditioned your work?
At the beginning, I didn’t think about it like that, but soon I realized it was all actually a direct result of socio-economic realities. Since I didn’t have any substantial means for production, I used one bad camera. I had no cameraperson or video editor, so I did everything myself. So at the beginning the camera and video editing were very simple, and it’s been like that till today, in spite of having better cameras today and a good knowledge of video editing. I like it that way. It’s not that I don’t ever want to try out a bit more expensive production – it just doesn’t make real sense for me. It is hard enough to earn money as an artist, even harder as a Bosnian artist and even more so as a Bosnian video artist, the hardest being a Bosnian female video artist.

Interview excerpt

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