Nuevos pasados que habitamos, Branka Vujanović, Nierika Revista de Estudios de Arte, journal

Nuevos pasados que habitamos
La memoria antifascista y las metodologías críticas en el ámbito artístico del Estado español y la antigua Yugoslavia

Feminismo y políticas de memoria e imaginación
Nierika Revista de Estudios de Arte no9
ISSN: 2007-9648
111 pages
June 2016

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This essay insists upon a critical reflection on the mutual influence between the struggles of the past and the antinomies of the present, pertaining to the topic of the cultural and political transformation of Spain and former Yugoslavia. My current investigation evolves around the modes of artistic resistance, feminist politics and antifascist memory that confront the pacts of “normalization” and the myths of transition, characterized by a depoliticized culture of oblivion and new forms of domination.

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