Journalists, Photographers and Cameramen Record the First Fragments of History

Exhibition WATCH OUT SNIPER in History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina followed by a humanitarian action

The photograph of the killed Nermin Divović is the most significant evidence of that crime. Seven-year-old Nermin was killed on 18 November 1994 in Sarajevo’s Zmaja od Bosne Street, during the war known as the Sniper Alley. Nermin’s mother Dženana was wounded in the stomach with one bullet. The bullet went through her body and hit her son in the head, killing him.

A blue sweater and a photograph of the body of a dead seven-year-old taken by Paul Lowe, who documented the dangers the residents encountered in Sniper Alley during the siege of Sarajevo, are part of the ‘Watch Out, Sniper’ exhibition at the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo.

The exhibition, which opened on the 27th anniversary of Nermin’s murder, includes photographs taken by photographers Ron Haviv, Rikard Larma, Paul Lowe, Enric Marti and Gervasio Sanchez. The exhibition also includes a multimedia installation by Paul Lowe and works of art by local and international artists, Adela Jušić and Paul Coldwell.

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