Interview with Adela Jušić for academic journal Gender, sexuality and society

“Gender, war and militarism through the prism of feminist art: an intimate journey”
Interview by Nermina Trbonja
Genre, sexualite and societe, online academic journal
Special issue, Hors-série n ° 3  | 2018, Visuals. Production, dissemination and circulation of images of gender and sexuality, 2018
French language
ISSN 2104-3736

Genre, sexualite and societe is a French-language academic electronic journal with a reading committee. International and multi-disciplinary, it is devoted to issues of sexuality and questions of genre. The interview with Adela Jusic opens the debate on the role of the artist in the creation of visual representations in the context of post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina. Following her career pathway, Adela Jusic explains how her feminist engagement is embodied in her artistic practice. Through visual art, her work aims to break stereotypes, deconstruct patterns, denounce injustices and engender changes. Through multiple examples of her work, she offers an unprecedented reading of her feminist commitment and discusses militarization, the place of the victims in the contemporary post-war space, the gendered violence perpetrated through rape, and the issue of remembrance blurring the history of Bosnia and her family history.


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