The Lost Revolution: Yugoslav Women’s Antifascist Front between Myth and Forgetting

Online Archive of Antifascist Struggle of Women of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Yugoslavia is initiated, conceived and shaped by Andreja Dugandžić and Adela Jušić (as part of the program of Association for Culture and Art CRVENA What has our struggle given us?), and is constantly being upgraded.

The Archive consists of thousands of documents, books and periodicals, stenographic notes, minutes and reports, interviews with surviving members of the Women’s Antifascist Front (AFŽ),  and participants of Yugoslav Antifascist struggle, videos, latest essays and art works that critically examine the position of Yugoslav women in periods before and after the WWII, and their massive participation in War – as fighters, and in the foreground, as members of AFŽ, largest women’s organisation ever to exist in Yugoslavia, Europe and even beyond.

Realising that the history of the largest women’s organisation in our part of the world was by and large unknown to us, we partly turned our efforts to make the Archive public into an exploration of a facet of history which has always been, and remains, relegated to the margins.

The Lost Revolution: Yugoslav Women’s Antifascist Front between Myth and Forgetting, is a title of a book, a collection of inedit essays, an aftermath of Archive, of several years of collecting, copying, digitizing, recording, editing, publishing of numerous kind of documents. In addition to text, book contains illustrations by five women artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, also created specially for this volume, each being in relation to one of the essays, and based on archival documents.

In their different ways, the essays seek to examine on the one hand, revolutionary ruptures and, on the other, the contradictions of a moment which marked a historical turning point for women in our region. They question the episodes of a struggle that we must constantly start and accomplish anew. The experience of victory and defeat, past and present, both the AFŽ’s and our own, is a reminder that our new and future struggles and fronts, the battles yet to be won, stand open before us and and testify to the creation of the possible even where every- thing seemed impossible. The revolution took place. Let’s start another one!” (editors Tijana Okić and Andreja Dugandžić, introductory text)

The book is funded by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southeast Europe, published in 2016 by Association for Culture and Art CRVENA in Bosnian language. In 2018 it is translated to English, and it is available for free download.

heoizam radda dio

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