An Artists Workshop: The artist in post conflict societies.

June 25th 2018
10am – 16.30pm
History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo

It is being undertaken as part of Art and Reconciliation, an AHRC funded research project. ‘Art and Reconciliation: Conflict, Culture and Community’ is an innovative collaboration between  King’s College London, the London School of Economics and the University of the Arts in London that aims to improve our understanding of a major current and future global security challenge.

This day-long workshop will explore a number of questions about the social and political purpose of artistic production in post conflict societies, including:
• Do artists have a responsibility to create work that promotes notions of tolerance and reconciliation in the present?
• How can artists look back and critically re-interpret history in order to look forward and re-imagine a different future?
• How do artists deal with tension between producing work aimed at justice and producing work aimed at reconciliation?
Recent research into arts in the Western Balkans has noted a tendency of regional artists towards producing artworks that focus on the past and on the memorialisation of historical conflicts. The workshop will consider the role that art plays in creating dialogue and in making a space for alternative visions of the future.
The workshop will also include practical sessions for regional artists on grant writing and working with institutions, museums and galleries. This workshop will bring together regional artists, invited speakers and artists participating in the Reconciliations exhibition to be held at the Historical Museum in June 2018.

Image featured in this post – Adela Jušić, Silk lavender shirt, photo of the perfomance by Joakim Hanson, Galleri Gro, Jakobstad, Finland, 2015
More about this work here

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