Women‘s Antifascist Front – Kaja Kraner

In her work, Jušić has critically addressed the WAF heritage and its position; despite the fact that WAF was the largest women’s organization in SFRY and that, in the period of war mobilization, it received significant political support and promises to implement a process of systematically solving the issue of women’s inequality, life after the war quickly returned back to its settled (patriarchal) ways and the question of “women’s rights” was (again) marginalized.

Link to catalog (English and Slovenian language) in PDF
Guestroom, Maribor, Slovenia
Publisher: Pekarna Magdalenske mreže Maribor
Editor: Lucija Smodiš
Print run: 135 copies
ISSN 2463-8587
December, 2017

Photo, Adela Jušić
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