Women and “labour of love” after WWII in Yugoslavia

24.09. at 19h, Markhof, Markhofgasse 19, Vienna
Wienwoche, Manifesto of Ideal Work
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Discussion and presentation

Artist and activist Adela Jušić will speak about exploitation of women through reproductive work and housework in the period after the World War II in Yugoslavia, when women gained most of their political and social rights, and economic rights for the first time in Yugoslavia. With the start of World War II in Yugoslavia, women entered a public sphere massively, through their large participation in the Antifascist struggle, both on the war field, and through the work of Antifascist Front of Women, one of the largest women’s organization in Europe at the time. After the war, they massively entered a labor market, and did voluntary work on reconstruction of the state destroyed by war and construction of  new Socialist state that was about to be industrialized and modernized. What were the main concerns of women workers at the time, and  how were women double exploited as reproductive workers and housewives at the same time mostly working in lowest paid jobs? Adela Jušić will give some answers to these questions relying mostly on the documents of Archive of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and trace the historical connection between women workers position (including reproductive work and  housework) right after WWII, and today, after the Yugoslav wars.

Artist will also present the Online archive of Antifascist struggle of women of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Yugoslavia, a project of Association for Culture and Art Crvena, on which she works together with Andreja Dugandžić since several years, as well as her art works related to the subject.

Adela Jušić is currently  at Artist in Residence program, in collaboration with frei_raum Q21 exhibition space, and working on an exhibition “Stopover – Ways of Temporary Exchange “, curated by Judit Angel, Christiane Erharter, Michaela Geboltsberger, Dora Hegyi,  Heide Wihrheim, opening on September 21st at the frei_raum Q21 exhibition space, and part of the exhibition in Erste Foundation opening also on September 21st.

Adela Jušić was born on 1982 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where she lives and works. Jušić graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Printmaking, University of Sarajevo in 2007 (MA), and holds MA in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe from Sarajevo and Bologna Universities, 2013. She is a co-founder and working at cultural projects at the Association for Culture and Art Crvena since 2010. Jušić has exhibited in more than 100 international exhibitions including Manifesta 8, Murcia, Spain; Videonale, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany; Image Counter Image, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany, Balkan Inisght, Pompidou Center, Paris etc. She has participated in several artists in residence programes ( ISCP, New York; Kulturkontakt, Vienna; i.a.a.b. Basel). She won Young Visual Artist Award for the best young Bosnian artist in 2010, Henkel Young Artist Price CEE in 2011, and Special award of Belgrade October Salon in 2013.

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