Exhibition Contemporary Refresh#2


August 09-20
Gallery Brodac, Sarajevo

*TELLALL is a Magazine-Laboratory; a critical and experimental exhibi-tion space „on paper“ edited in Sarajevo. An international think-tank which aims to conduct independent research and serve as a meeting space for artists, poli-cy-makers, activists, and intellectuals to share ideas with an art project-oriented attitude that goes beyond the localism/globalism par-adigm. TELLALL focuses on recent events on a monthly basis, putting in focus people and places of high symbolic content in order to constitute a unique space for the discus-sion of art and culture-related topics within the whole Balkans region. Its aim is also to deelitize the access to art and bring it in direct contact with all kinds of audiences.In this light, the first edition is titled “The museum is closed” and will present selected works and interventions related to this topic by local artists; interviews on the status of the museum, its history and educational role, its function of preserving a past, the promotion of the fundamental, irreplaceable aspects of a living culture, and the opportunity for direct contact between the public and the living arts. By doing this, it will also provide an insight into the city of Sarajevo with its new ferment and political change marked by the art scene

Klabika [Residency] 2K17
is a programme that provides audio curatorship & sound manifestos for environments with strong attitude and bold presence where creative industry meets tendencies for tomorrow.

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