Publication “Tellall”

Editorial board: Ilari Valbonesi, Mak Hubjer, Bojan Stojčić, Damir Deljo, Smirna Kulenović, Đorđe Krajišnik
Tellall issue 0 “The Museum is closed”
Run 1000
With the support of Balkanology
English language

The publication – named TELAL is designed to become a strategic, dynamic, and interactive process intended to make the different forms of art widely accessible. It aims at engaging artists, thinkers, individuals from notable Bosnian-Herzegovinian and regional writers and essayists, and communities in experiencing, enjoying, and assessing the arts through participation, from co-creation to partnerships.

An international think-tank which aims to conduct independent research and provide a meeting space for artists and policy-makers, activists, and intellectuals to share ideas with an art project-oriented transnational attitude.

For the first number of TELLALL, the publication itself will represent a form of Museum’s landscape: structured through both space and time, respective of the dialogue across generation and among characteristics of the various players and attentive to all innovation processes, the City of Sarajevo with its new ferment and political change marked by art scene.

Ending is better than mending, Adela Jušić, book collage, 2017

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