Dusseldorf Photo Weekend

Capturing the Moment
Lecture and screening by Darija Šimunović
Haus der Universität, Schadowplatz 14, February 04th, 2017 at 2 p.m.

The lecture by Darija Šimunović will introduce video art works from the imai foundation archive which all refer to photography via their subject, aesthetics or media. The artists use photographs as their source material (Maria Vedder, Adela Jušić), question witnessing of images spread in the media (Thomas Kutschker, Andreas Troeger), create animated films from individual photographic records (Barbara Hlali) or study the subject of photography (George Snow, Róbert Olawuyi).

Link to Imai website

The Sniper – Adela Jušić, video, 2007, more about the work here

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