Balkan insight – Centre Pompidou


Screening presented by Alicia Knock, in presence of the artists Endri Dani and Driant Zeneli Hailing from the Balkans, these eight artists attempt to dissect the traumas of the past and to reinvent the future of their shared horizon. Without access to tools such as the art market or major museums, they invent new modalities of working, often working together to increase the visibility of their work. Between local traditions (Endri Dani, Albania), cinematic archives (Doplgenger, Serbia) and autobiographical archives (Adela Jušić and Ibro Hasanović, Bosnia; Fani Zguro, Albania), their films look to reformulate their history in a present day context. Rather than simply rewriting the past, the artists dream of the cities of tomorrow (Irgin Sena, Albania) and imagine utopias, such as those performed by Driant Zeneli (Albania).


Curating by the Contemporary and Future-oriented Creation Department of the Musée national d’art moderne. The “Prospectif Cinema” cycle highlights the cinematographic production of a young generation of French and international artists.It is a unique opportunity to follow new events and developments in contemporary art and to analyze the issues it deals with. The film projection is accompanied by the artist’s presence and talks with the audience. As a multidisciplinary program, “Prospectif Cinema” opens the boarders between different artistic genres so that the cinema can be transformed into a concert hall, or a stage for performance.

For more information on the program:
Fare: 6 Euros, reduced fare: 4 Euros. Free entry to the cinema for Laissez Passer subject to availability of seats reserved for members.
Members must claim their free ticket one hour before the start of the screening.

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