Life Woven Into Revolution: A Look Into a Forgotten Women’s Movement in Former Yugoslavia

“You abolished our organization! Our men are free to go everywhere, go hunting or drinking. That organization was the only place where we were allowed to go, where they couldn’t prohibit us from going. And now you abolish even that!” When Neda Božinović, a Communist Party official from Serbia, visited Bosnia and Herzegovina in the mid-1950s, she encountered a group of angry village women voicing their disappointment about the dismantling of the Antifascist Front of Women (Antifašistički Front Žena, or AFŽ), an organization that operated from 1942 to 1953 in the former Yugoslavia. Though the AFŽ has been largely forgotten, it was once an extremely important organization for individual women and for the country, helping to expand the possibilities that the women of Yugoslavia imagined for their lives.

Read full article about our online archive and history of Antifascist Front of Women of Yugoslavia by Andreja Dugandžić HERE


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