August 4th, Miza Galery, Tirana, Albania

Soft meal

Miza Galeri launches the exhibition SOFT MEAL, a research process revealing food as cultural value conceived by three artists; Adela Jušić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Nardina Zubanović (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Beskida Kraja (Albania). This value carries all the meaningful symbols of the society we live in. A value that varies from one work to the other. In the case of “FAMILY” of Beskida Kraja, the bread wraps in a sacral ritual the life of the couple. In the video-installation “FOOD WITH EXPERIENCE” of Nardina Zubanovic, this value becomes a game which triggers the imagination, transforms the ordinary alimentary context and questions the gender role cliches and stereotypes into an ironic and humorous way. In “A DINNER FOR THREE”, a video performance from Adela Jušić, eating is a powerful ritual with symbolic representation of gender, religious and generational differences.

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