I will never talk about the war again 6 Still image from video

In collaboration with Lana Čmajčanin
Original title: Ja više nikada neću pričati o ratu
Video performance, HD, color/sound
Camera: Ervin Prašljivić

Special thanks to: Sloven Anzulović
Language: Bosnian
Subtitles: English
Duration: 00:09:42
This work is part of October salon collection of Cultural Center Belgrade

Collaborative video performance that is drawing to attention the postwar situation in the frame of speaking about the past war. From our personal experiences we discover that it is impossible not to talk about the war in every day life.

In this performance we are trying to expose all the possible emotions we have about the fact that we speak about war constantly, but also to point on different aspects of talking about the war like for example, how nationalistic parties use constant reminders of the war in the media to hold on to power and foment nationalism among the people of the former Yugoslavia. Is it possible not to talk about the war? Why do we do it and when will it stop? Will we stop? Should we stop?

“…This exhibition takes its title from Adela Jušić’s and Lana Čmajčanin’s video performance I Will Never Talk About the War Again, which refers to the post-war situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the video, the two artists promise each other not to talk about the war anymore, repeating the same sentence over and over. The work is an emotional statement on the fact that more than fifteen years after the Dayton Peace Agreement the war remains a central experience in the divided country….”

Text by Vladan Jeremić, from the exhibition catalog I WILL NEVER TALK ABOUT THE WAR AGAIN, Fargfabriken, Stockholm
Download catalog here

                     Exhibition view "I will never talk about the war again", Fargfabriken, Stockholm, photos by Rena Raedle

                        Exhibition view "I will never talk about the war again", Kibla, Maribor,  photos by Rena Raedle






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